Are you looking for Glo data, glo cheapest Data plans, prices, and Codes for Glo data plan? Buy Glo data and glo cheapest Data plans and codes to check your data balance here. Follow these steps to buy your Glo data and glo cheapest data plans:

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  2. Fund your wallet
  3. Select Glo data and start buying

How to buy data on Glo: codes for best tariff plans on the network

Glo is one of Nigeria’s best networks because it’s airtime call rates and data packages are lower than other networks. Glo Nigeria provides it’s customers with a variety of data subscription plans. Learn how to buy data on Glo anytime here.

The Glo data plan deals are among the most affordable internet packages available. You can’t help but love the network, from its unlimited bundles to the low cost of their daily Glo internet.

How to buy data on Glo: If you find purchasing data on Glo difficult, this article will help you. When it comes to Glo, there are many internet plans and bundles to choose from.

  1. Using the USSD code: You can buy your bundles by using the Glo code. All you have to do is dial *777# and follow the instructions. But buying data with the USSD is very cost.
  2. Buy your Glo data on Jumiabot Networks: To buy cheapest Glo data, buy it here on Jumiabot Networks –

You might have been in a position where you have to view an Instagram picture, status, watch video, download some large files but at the same time you are being mindful and careful because of the little data you are managing.

Not having enough data to complete a task, browse the net or download a file can be really frustrating and also annoying most times. Well this time around, we have a good news on the glo cheapest data plans that should cheer you up. Glo data plans, MTN cheapest data bundles offer you 1GB at the range of 200- 220 Naira.

We understand that you must have heard about glo Cheap data plans, right? Yes, glo is not only the largest network provider in Nigeria, they are also one of the most generous and reliable in terms of providing cheap data to the market. In this article we have researched and made a list of Glo cheapest data plans, their prices, validity and ussd codes.

Glo Cheapest Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

If you search the net you will discover that there are hundreds of blogs talking about various glo data However, what everyone needs right now is the cheapest amongst data plans on the list. On Jumiabot Networks here, we shall introduce you to all Glo cheapest Data plans and teach you how to buy the Data on our

Subscribing to cheap data plans means paying less for more and this ensures that more money is saved at the end of the day while at the same time you get more satisfaction and value from your money.

Now the main question comes to mind; How much does Glo cheapest data plans cost? This article will do justice to that by listing various Glo cheapest data prices, we will also show the various cost of this glo cheapest data plans. Get your Glo cheapest data bundles as listed below:

  1. 500MB
  2. 1GB
  3. 2GB
  4. 3GB
  5. 4GB
  6. 5GB

All these are cheapest glo data plans and you can buy it right away on our website at

Follow these steps to buy Glo cheapest data plans:

  1. Register on
  2. Fund your wallet
  3. Select Glo data and start buying

You might be asking what is the code to check Glo data bundles, here are the codes to check Glo data plans: dial *323# to check Glo Nigeria data balance.

Are you ready to buy your Glo data? Signup here – to buy instant Glo data on your devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Glo data Plans

What are Glo codes?

These are all the updated Glo codes you need to know:

  • Airtime Recharge on Glo: Dial *311* Voucher PIN #
  • Checking Glo Airtime Balance: Use the code *310#
  • Borrowing Airtime on Glo: Simply dial *303#
  • Purchasing Data on Glo: The new code is *312#
  • Sharing Data on Glo: Dial *321# to get started.

The GLO NIN link code is “*109#,” which works for only GLO lines. It would help if you dialed “*109*NIN#” to submit the request to link your NIN to your GLO sim number to reconnect to glo.

Follow this quick easy steps to buy 9mobile data network on your phone:

  • Register on
  • Generate your wallet Account
  • Fund your wallet
  • Buy Glo Data
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